Bathroom Renovation Tips

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, apart from focusing on its aesthetic sense, try to give equal importance to its functionality. For effective renovation, planning must be done in order to get an effective bathroom design. There are many home renovation Oakville experts offering a comprehensive range of designs and materials to address all your needs. It is truly said that bigger isn’t always better. Get professional assistance for better guidance.

Planning must be Done

  1. Try not to Move the Plumbing from the Previous Place

While Renovating your bathroom if you replace everything with new ones, try to keep your plumbing in the same place. This way you will save thousands of dollars by not moving your toilet, shower, and vanity from their previous place.

  1. Try to change your vanity

The size of the vanity should be according to the size of your bathroom. Usually, a 60-inch vanity is fine. It should have enough space to stretch out and also a proper foothold. You can look for bathroom vanities for sale if you want to have an idea about the budget.

  1. Go for Durable Flooring

Marble and stone tiles are durable and water-resistant that makes them excellent choices for a bathroom. Nowadays, subfloor heating coils are available which are used to make these hard surfaces warm. Hardwood floors that are well-sealed provide natural warmth.

  1. Shower Area

The shower area should be such that doesn’t need a curtain or door which makes less confined than a standard shower stall. A ceiling-mounted rain showerhead is a well-designed drainage system that results in fewer water splashes and also keeps the area away from shower drier.

  1. Design for a Good lighting System

It is very essential to have good lighting in your bathroom. For that, you can install dimmers.

  1. Buy Good Quality Toilet

When buying a toilet, it’s not essential to spend a large amount, but also don’t buy any cheap toilet. The most comfortable models are with elongated bowls and seats.

  1. Maintained Simplicity

You can maintain its simplicity by just replacing the vanity or installation of new and stylish taps, showerhead, and toilet seat. With a small budget, you can add style and give modern look to your bathroom.

  1. Stylish Mirror can Look Classy

A beautiful mirror over a sink looks very attractive rather than covering many surfaces with a mirror. You can also add a wall-mounted makeup mirror. Designed Mirror can add value to your home.

When you renovate your bathroom, you need to plan properly. You can take professionals to help to get better advice. Try not to change the plumbing system as it will save you a lot of money. Consider designed lighting systems. You can get new and fancy taps, showerheads installed to give modern look to your bathroom.



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